This is a therapy with flexible skin-friendly self-adhesive tapes that can protect you from sports injuries or if it has already occurred, it will support the healing process. In addition, it is also used to correct bad posture or orthopedic defects, such as a crooked foot arch or various thumb deformities.

Depending on the placement and stretch of the tape, it can have a function of supporting joint stability, relieving overloaded muscles and activating weakened muscles. In the case of swelling we use lymphotope to remove them faster. Therapy improves the function of the tissue and the body’s physiological system. It can also be applied between individual therapies to extend the therapeutic effect of the treatment. It is also a combination of this therapy with manual techniques, massage, cupping, exercise, instrument therapy such as electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, megnetotherapy, lymphatic drainage and others. The method of treatment is based on the body of its own repairing processes.