Manual therapy

Manual therapy deals with the treatment of functional disorders of the locomotor system.

It is based on the work of hands that make the strokes and pressures of varying intensity. Manual therapy works on the principle of restoring correct function of the movement and support system. The mobilization of both the joints and muscles, as well as the nervous tissue, is carried out, thereby reducing the tension.

Manual therapy is suitable for all who suffer from back and joint pain, muscle cramps, chronic back pain, migraines, headaches, athletes, trauma patients, etc.

soft techniques

We use soft techniques to manipulate so-called soft tissues, including skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, faces, and muscle contractions. We can influence them in several ways by stretching, polishing, pressing or shrinking. In any case, it is not a massage technique, as some mistakenly think.

mobilization techniques

Mobilization is a part of manual therapy, in which we gradually remove articular blockages and thus restores mobility in a given joint or spine segment. Blocking may result from accidents, overload, faulty posture, and more static loads (eg PC sitting, machine work, etc.). There is also a change in soft tissue around the blocked joint or segment, which is characterized by impaired blood and lymphatic circulation.

Mobilization techniques are gentle, repetitive movements at the limit of a possible range of motion in the joint, to facilitate activation of the respective muscles, muscle groups are used breathing and eyes.