During the first visit, you are going through an interview, an examination with a look and a touch, examining movement stereotypes and specialized examinations for individual difficulties and diagnoses. More info HERE

Manual therapy

It is the therapy of functional disorders of the locomotor system, which uses the therapist’s hands. These include soft techniques and mobilization techniques. More info HERE


Under physiotherapy means specific therapy. During exercise, I use special physiotherapy techniques such as DNS, sensomotor exercises, ACT technique, or stretching and centering of joints. more info HERE


It is a new concept of exercise that combines the tradition of fitness exercises with the latest findings in the medicine of the musculoskeletal system. More info HERE


Therapy using flexible self-adhesive strips applied to the skin. Their effect is to protect against injury during sports, to promote the healing process or correction of poor posture and orthopedic disorders. More info HERE

Physiotherapy in the office

Office Physiotherapy is the ideal time-saving program for company employees who spend most of their working hours behind the computer, resulting in health problems. More info HERE