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Welcome to my pages ProPhysio physiotherapist Mgr. Jana Šuveríková.

I provide comprehensive care in the field of specialized physiotherapy, with emphasis on the prevention and treatment of pain in the musculoskeletal system. We offer a comprehensive physiotherapy, physical exercises, joint mobilization, sport physiotherapy and kinesiotaping.

Mgr. Jana Šuveríková

Who I am?

My name is Mgr. Alexandra Olšová and physiotherapy have been working for several years. I focus mainly on the problems of the movement system, such as back pain, unstable ankles, knees, shoulders, blocked ribs, etc. or on the issue and the therapy of dizziness. I have also been involved in physiotherapy in pregnancy and postpartum. I myself actively devote myself to sport and therefore a significant part of my clients are active athletes at recreational or top level.

In physiotherapy I look at the patient complexly and spend as much time as he needs. I focus mainly on the issue of the movement system, which arises either as a result of sports injury, injury or poor lifestyle (long-term sitting, inappropriate loading).

My statistics:

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How can physiotherapy help me?

    • Acute or chronic back pain

    • Headaches, migraines

    • Post-traumatic conditions (fractures, protruding joints, muscle stretching)

    • Degenerative diseases of the nasal joints (osteoporosis, arthrosis)

    • Flat foot, Hallux vagus, heel spur

    • Faulty body posture

    • Illness and overload of tendons (tennis and golf elbow)

    • Blocked ribs

    • Physiotherapy in pregnancy and postpartum (back pain, abdominal muscles diastasis …)

    • Physiotherapy in pregnancy and postpartum (back pain, abdominal muscles diastasis …)

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